Brand Experiences


We love producing all type of events in any part of Europe and the world. We have organized cultural and sports events, produced concerts and festivals, we have worked with all kinds of clients and this is why we have experience in a great variety of formats and cities in Europe. We have produced tradeshows and events for governments, we have worked as part of the logistics team that ran a pavicllion during the Universal Expo in Milan. We have been part of the production team that created the most important Bollywood film festival of India during its edition in Madrid and we led the production of the tribute to Gabriel García Márquez done at the EU Parliment in Brussels.

Event production require a great capacity to find inmmediate solutions, it also needs perfectionists and professionals capable of organizing and anticipating differente scenarios. At ALFRED we produce with great attention to detail, working with governments and clients from all over the world has made us create strict quality filters with global standards that we repeat in every production. We enjoy every minute when organizing events and our main goal is to transfer this excitement to our clients so that can experience bliss in each step of the process.

We are ready to travel with you and produce your next event.